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About InkTees

InkTees was founded in 2013 by George Russell & Chris Harvey whilst still at University. Their objective was to produce, market and distribute a range of different t-shirts to specific niche markets via an automated online shop.

After a year of testing, web development, facebook advertising and pitching, InkTees was nominated for the Enterprise Showcase Awards in the category of ‘Business startup of the year’. Soon after, George featured on the Portsmouth GradShow website for 'Entrepreneurial Talent'. This developed our contacts and allowed us to take InkTees onto the next level.

Since then, InkTees has partnered up with Spreadshirt, a product manufacturing and distribution company. This helps us ensure quality control and allows us to focus on the vision behind InkTees.

InkTees has now grown to more than just a small brand. It allows people to stand out from the crowd and individualise themselves with bespoke t-shirts design. Take a look at some of our work below:

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